March 25(Fri) 12:30~13:30

Luncheon Symposium Ⅰ Luncheon Symposium Ⅱ Luncheon Symposium Ⅲ
Place Room D&E (4F) Room F (3F) Room G (3F)
Sponsor Bayer Guerbet Siemens Healthcare
Speaker “Recent studies of signal intensity increase in the brain on unenhanced T1w MR images after serial application of gadolinium based contrast agentsGBCAs”

Prof. Alexander Radbruch
(University of Heidelberg, Germany)
“Gadolinium Deposition in Non-NSF, Non-Renally Impaired Patients”

Prof. Young-Cheol Yoon
(Samsung Medical Center, Korea)
Chair - Prof. Jin-Suck Suh
(Yonsei University, Korea)

March 26(Sat) 12:30~13:30

Luncheon Symposium Ⅵ Luncheon Symposium Ⅴ Luncheon Symposium Ⅵ
Place Room D&E (4F) Room F (3F) Room G (3F)
Sponsor Bayer BRACCO Philips
Speaker “Use of gadoxetate disodium for functional MRI based on its unique molecular mechanism”

Prof. Kyung Won Kim
(Asan Medical Center, Korea)
“Understanding ProHance, a macrocyclic non-ionic agent: overview of clinical evidence for its safe and effective use”

Dr. Gianpaolo Pirovano
(Bracco Diagnostics Inc., Italy)
“Advancing MR Imaging :
Past, Present, and the Future”

Prof. Seung Koo Lee
(Yonsei University, Korea)
Chair Kwon-Ha Yoon
(Wonkwang University, Korea)
Prof. Sang Hoon Cha
(Chungbuk National University Hospital, Korea)
Prof. Jin-Suck Suh
(Yonsei University, Korea)